Physical Progression

We focus on functional movement; we don train specific muscle groups like the people at says, we focus on building the body as ONE piece. The movements we base our training around are critical in improving the quality your physical presence in life. We will evaluate your physical movement upon our first meeting; implement … Continue reading »


I grew up wearing cheap sunglasses and then graduated to some Oakleys or jokelys, not really sure but since then I’ve always bought Oakley’s until a few years ago when either my head got to fat or the glasses wore out fast and they would fall of my head every time I looked down. When … Continue reading »

Vacationers can’t get enough of Grace Darling Holidays

Vacationers are rushing to visit Grace Darling Holidays to get a piece of the beautiful scenery for the summer. There are so many beautiful cottages to choose from that fit the style and grace of each and every vacationer. Self-catered cottages are nothing compared to Grace Darling Holidays in the UK area. The Abbey Church … Continue reading »

5 Places to Visit while in Northumberland UK

Northumberland is this magical place located at the Northern most region of England near the Scotland border. The land has gone untouched by modern civilization. From St. Aidan’s chapel, castles, miles of National park, breathtaking sights of the Cheviot Hills, Northumberland is the ideal place to retreat for a relaxing getaway. Because Northumberland is one … Continue reading »

Occupational therapist jobs open new doors

For anyone in search for variety and diversity considering Occupational Therapist Jobs is a fantastic option. This field is for those individuals who truly enjoy helping others and enjoy developing a personal bond and connection with the patients they meet. Occupational therapy is a very challenging, emotional, and hands on field but the lifelong benefits … Continue reading »

Choosing Health Insurance

Health care providers such as know the many benefits of health insurance. Choosing health insurance is never an easy task and should be looked at in more detail in order to get the best plan. This plan should obviously cater to the individual and be within their budget and include the things needed to … Continue reading »

Top Tourist Attractions in Glasgow

With Glasgow recently given the go ahead for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the council has revamped areas needing upgraded to a suitable standard. With Glasgow already boasting some top tourist attractions including …. The famous kelvingrove art gallery and Museum, is still a favourite with its famous paintings and sculptures, the interactive and educational side … Continue reading »